Saturday, 6/15/13

2 rounds of
18 Hip Bridges
9 Sit-Ups
18 Alt Superman
9 Dolphin Push-Ups
18 Alt Bird-Dog Planks (knees off the ground)
9 Squat-to-Boot-Strappers

Group Clean & Jerk Mobility
30 sec/side wrist stretch on floor,
30 sec/side self-assisted Tricep Stretch, and
1 min Bar on the Knee Ankle Mobility

Basics Group

Prep Sets:
4 x 1 Low-Hang Extension + 1 Low-Hang Hi-Pull + 1 Low-Hang Power Clean + 1 Power Jerk

Work Sets:
8-10 x 2 Low-Hang Power Clean + 2 Power Clean

Intermediate/Advanced Groups

Prep Sets:
1 x 3 Three-Pause Extensions (bar only); then,
1 x 3 Hi-Hang Hi-Pulls (light weight); then,
1 x 3 Hang Power Cleans + 3 Power Jerks (light-moderate weight)

Work Sets:
8 x 1 High Pull + 1 Power Clean + 1 Jerk (power or split – lifter’s choice)

4 Rounds of 30 seconds On, 30 seconds Off of:

Hanging Overhead Reach & Touch*;
Windshield Wipers;
Off-Center Plate Push-Ups**;
Flutter Kicks.

* Hanging from the bottom pull-up bar, pull-up slightly, release one hand and touch the higher bar. Regrip, and then repeat with the other hand. Scale to (A) continuously switching from overhand to underhand grip, or (B) continuously switching from close grip to wide grip hangs, or (C) max hanging hold.
** Perform a push-up with one hand on the floor and the other on a bumper plate, then switch to the other side of the bumper plate and repeat. Scale to regular push-ups.


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