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Warm Up
3 Rounds
2 Wall Walkers
10 Reverse Hand Spider Lunges
2 Inchworm in place
10 Alt Dead Bugs

2×2 Hang Hi Pulls+2 Hang Power Cleans+4 Alt T Push Ups
2×3 Power Cleans+5 Push Ups
2×2 Power Cleans (up to working weight)

Met Con
3 Rounds of 4 Minutes On/ 4 Minutes Off
Ladder up by one as far as possible
Power Clean (M:185/155/135/95, W:123/103/93/63)

Start each round back at 1/1, 2/2 etc.

HSPU scaling Options:
RX:Hands on Plate = to Single Ab Mat
Scaling:Hands on Floor/ head to 1 or 2 Ab Mats
Pike Position Push Ups
Push ups (x2)

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