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Warm Up
3 Rounds
10 Squats
10 Rev Hand Spider Lunges
5 Dolphin Push Ups
5 Jump Squats

1 Min Single Leg Flexion/side
1 Min Standing Band Lat/Tri stretch/side

Thrusters (20 min)
1×10 Front Squats+ 10 Strict Press (bar only)
1×10 Thrusters (bar only)
3×3 Thrusters working up

Work: 9-6-3 working up

Met Con
In groups of 3, follow the leader
Row (27-18-9 Cals)
DB Thrusters (18-12-6)

Leader waits for 3rd person o finish before beginning next round
Focus on each round as a sprint (Row 27 Cals, 18 DB Thrusters, Rest etc)

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