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Strength (Sat at 14th St, Sunday at H St)
Warm Up
3 Rounds
6 Alt T Push Ups
6 Pillar to Plank
6 Reverse Hand Spider Lunges
6 Quadruped Ext &Rotation/side

1 Minute Standing Band Lat/Tri stretch/side

Jerk Complex (35 min)
1x 10 Strict Press w/bar
2×3 Push Press working up
2x1Push Press+ 1 Power Jerk working up
2×1 Power Jerk+1 Split Jerk

Work: 5×1 Push Press +1Power Jerk+1 Split Jerk

5 Rounds
:30 DB Push Press
:30 Rest
:30 Plate Russian Twists
:30 Rest

Met Con (Sunday at 14th St, Saturday at H St)
Warm Up
4 Rounds
4 Dolphin Push Ups
8 Band Good Mornings
4 Squat to Bootstrappers
8 Alt Dead Bugs

Team Met Con
In teams of 4, follow the leader through 5 rounds each (35 min cap):
Row 12 Cals
8 Deadlifts (M:225/185/135, W: 153/123/93)
12 Wall Balls

1 Min Standing Hamstring Stretch/side
1 Min Single Leg Flexion/side

* HSPU scaling Options:
RX: Hands on Plate = to Single Ab Mat
Scaling: Hands on Floor/ head to 1 or 2 Ab Mats
4 HSPU (1/2 volume) to 1 or 2 ab mats
8 Push ups

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