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Warm Up
4 Rounds
2 Wall Walkers
4 Hanging Scap Retractions
6 Spider Lunges
8 Alt Samson Lunges

Skill (20 Min)
4 Rounds
2-4 Band Bar Muscle Ups
10-20 Alt Shoulder Taps
:30 accumulated L Sit (scale to both knees tucked or single knee tucked on paralletes or boxes)
Rest ~1:30 minutes after L sit completed

AMRAP 12 Min
12 Pull Ups*
12 Alt Pistols**
12 Box Jumps (Step down only)

*Pull Up Scaling Options:
6 Pull ups (1/2 volume)
6 Band Assisted Pull ups (strict)
12 Ring Rows

**Pistol Scaling Options:
6 Assisted Pistols (3/side, holding on to upright)
18 Alt Lunges (unweighted)

1 Min OH Band Stretch/side
1 Min Death Stretch/side

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