Wednesday, 11/8


Warm Up
3 Rounds
3 Band Scarecrow
20’ Bear Crawl
3 Squat to Bootstrappers
20’ Broad Jump

EMOM 12 Min (4x each)
A) 3/6/9 HSPU* (scale to 2 Wall Walkers)
B) 15 Hollow Rocks
C) 30/45 Double Unders (scale to 30 DU attempts or :45 single skips)

Jerk Complex (25 Min)
1×5 Strict Press w/ bar
2×3 Push Press working up
3×1 Power Jerk+ 1 Split Jerk working up

5×1 Power Jerk+ 1 Split Jerk
-Working establishing a training max for the day.
-Do not count a rep or go up in weight if arms don’t lock in one fluid movement (no press outs)

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