double date tee_ sprint_DSC1953

Warm Up
2x 5 Squats+ High knees out/walk back
2x 5 Jump Squats+ Bounding
4x 2 Plank to Squat+Carioca (L,R,L,R)
1x Suicide Sprint (no burpees)

In Teams of 3 (30 Minute cap)
Row/ Burpee Suicide Sprint*
6 Cals/ 1 BSS
12 Cals/2 BSS
18 Cals/ 3 BSS
24 Cals/ 4 BSS
18 Cals/ 3 BSS
12 Cals/2 BSS
6 Cals/ 1 BSS

1 Min Single Leg Flexion/side
1 Min standing Calf Stretch side

*Done follow the leader style, with each person doing a set for each round: A Rows 6 Cals then runs 1 BSS (4 burpees total). As soon as A Finishes last run, B Rows 6 Cals the repeats 1 BSS. Once B Finishes, Partner C begins round of 6/1. As soon as C finishes, A begins round of 12/2, etc.

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