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Warm up
3 Rounds
6 Hanging Scap Retractions
6 Spider Lunge w/ reach up
6 Alt T Push Ups
6 Pause Squats

Met Con
Every 75 seconds for 15 Min (6x each)
A) 1 Round: 5 Pull Ups*/10 Push Ups/15 Ab Mat Sit Ups**
B) 2 Alt Turkish Get Up

Push Press (25 min)
Prep: 3×3 working up
Work: 5×3 at same weight

1 Min OH Band Stretch/side
1 Min Standing Pec Stretch/ side

*Scale Pull Ups to Jumping Pull Ups
**Scale reps to 3/6/9 or 4/8/12 to finish round within 1 Minute

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