Warm Up
4 Rounds
8 Spider Lunges
4 Pillar to Plank
8 Alt Samson Lunges
4 Hips to Wall

1:30 Single Leg flexion/side

Barbell Step Up (20 Min)
Prep: 1×12 Step Ups w/ PVC in back rack, 1×12 Step Ups (bar only)
Work: 3x 8-12 at moderate weight (may work up, but focus on posture and feel)*

*All rep schemes are “total”, so 8-12 is 4-6 per leg

Met Con
4 Rounds for time (12 min cap)
10 DB Power Cleans (M:50/40/30, W: 35/25/20)
20’ Front Rack Walking Lunge
10 V-Ups
20’ Front Rack Walking Lunge

2×1 Min Bretzel Stretch/side

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