Warm Up
3 Rounds
4 Alt T Push Ups
20’ Bear Crawl
4 Rolling Split Straddles
20’ Walking Lunge & Twist

8 Rounds
:30 Max HSPU*
:30 Rest

Split Jerk (25 min)
1×5 Strict Press w/bar
1×3 Push Press
3×1 Push Press +1 Jerk working up

5×1 Push Press + 1 Jerk at same (or close) weight

1 Min OH Band Stretch/ side
1 Min Band Trap Stretch/side

*Scale HSPU to:
Find most challenging option that falls within 5-8 rep range:
– HSPU 1 Ab Mat, hands on plates (or use large mats- NOT yoga mat)
– HSPU 1-2 Ab Mats, hands on floor
– Pike Push Up feet on Box or floor
– Push Up on floor

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