Warm Up
3 Rounds
6 Pause Squats
6 Rev Hand Spider Lunges
6 Squat to Boot Strappers
6 Jump Squats

Power Position Power Clean (25 Min)
2×2 Pause Ext + 2 Hi Pull+ 2 Power Cleans (all done from Power Position) + 4 Front Squats
3×1 Hi Pull + 1 Power Position Power Clean + Power Position 1 Squat Clean

5×2 Power Position Squat Cleans
– May work up as possible, as long as, all reps come from power position
– May drop and reset for second rep but should be done right away

Met Con
Front Squat (M:135/115/95/65, W:93/78/63/45)
Lateral Hops Over-the-Bar (over-and-back is one rep)

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