Warm Up
3 Rounds
5 Hanging Scap retractions
5 Squat to Bootstrappers
5 Band Pull Apart complex
5 Dolphin Push Ups

Met Con
Pull Up Baseline Test: Max Unbroken Pull Ups
Scaled – STRICT with single band
Rx – Chin over bar
Scale-up – Chest to Bar

EMOM 24 Minutes (8 Rounds each)*
A) 1/4-1/3 Max Pullups
B) 8 Alt DB Snatch
C) 12 Hollow Rocks

3 Rounds NFT
10 DB Powell Raise/side
10-15 Seated DB wrist extensions

*Scale Pull Ups in EMOM to 5 band assisted or 5 Challenging Ring Rows + 5 Band Pull Aparts

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