Warm Up
3 Rounds
6 Pause Squats
6 Rev Hand Spider Lunges
6 Alt Bird Dogs
6 Squat to Bootstrappers

Clean (35 Min total)
2×2 three position Pause Ext + 2 Hang Hi Pull + 2 Hang Power Clean

Tall Clean (10 Min)
2-2-1-1 working up

Squat Clean
3-3-2-2* working up
*reps are not touch and go, drop and reset each one with no more than 15 seconds between reps

Met Con
As Far as possible in 10 Minutes
In :30, +1 Power Clean (use 75-80% heaviest squat clean)
:30 Rest
Partners alternate :30 intervals, doing 1 PC the first interval, 2 the second, etc.

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