October 19, 2009

This looks COLD! Congrats to everyone who competed this weekend! We took a great group up to the Mid Atlantic Hopper at CFBWI, while Chris completed his second triathalon in NC. You all are amazing! Sundays class began with a little movement we call the squat. To make it even […]
October 16, 2009

“warm up” on the court (actually did a real warmup first)12 minute AMRAP10 ball slams10 wallball shotsoverhead throw medball across courtlunge back with medball overhead Followed by some strength assistance work:Single DB chest press (3 sets 8-10 reps)Heavy One Arm DB Rows 25 reps each side, sets as needed. The […]
October 14, 2009

4 rounds score total reps:1 minute Thrusters1 minute rest1 minute Burpees1 minute rest1 minute Medball Situps1 minute rest . .
October 12, 2009

!As part of the Fall Deadlift Challenge (and really just as part of continually working to get stronger), we spent a little time working on the manual Glute Ham Raise. It took a few sets for everyone to get body position down and really use the hams to do as […]
October 9, 2009

CROSSFIT FAIRFAX IS HOSTING CrossFit 101 with Founder Greg Glassman DATE: Saturday November 7th, 2009 TIME: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Come spend the day with CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman. This seminar is FREE and open to everyone. Affiliates, coaches, crossfitters, athletes, skeptics and anyone who would like to learn […]
October 9, 2009

20 Minute AMRAP15 SWINGSBEARCRAWL 1/2 COURT AND BACK30 DOUBLE UNDERSHALF COURT SHUTTLE RUN X3 Hers a pic from CF San Diego’s FGB fundraisers, with CFDC alum Fatima and Scott! . .
October 7, 2009

BARBELL COMBO OF THE DAY:3 POWER CLEANS3 THRUSTERS3 STEP UPS EACH LEG We did 3-4 rounds working up in weight before the final assignment was announced: AMRAP in 6 minutes. Lots of strong effort all around, and hopefully a good welcome to Paul visiting from Park city Utah! . .
October 5, 2009

THE FALL DEADLIFT CHALLENGE IS ON!Everyone can log a 1 Rep Max now, and we will be testing again on Sunday December 6th. There will be multiple categories for men and women, and prizes for the winners. Sundays class began with working up to a 1RM Deadlift. We hit at […]
October 2, 2009

Erica keeping her elbows locked! Teamwork! Joanna’s first time on the tire. Not Reggie’s first tire flip by a longshot Fitness buzzword “core training” done CFDC style. 3 people at each station, given 5 minutes to complete the work.3 lengths walking lunge w/ plate overhead50 Ball Slams30 Tire Flips30 Turkish […]