September 2, 2007

This is the start of our CROSSFIT DC FBG TEAM! WE WANT YOU!! Go to the link on the right and join our team today!Man and Women will die for points! Fight Gone Crazy Jen Bad! “Just remember this: No one ever won the olive wreath with an impressive training […]
August 30, 2007

Hey Crew. Just some more details about the Fight Gone Bad event. 1. You don’t have to do the fundraising. You can just join our team so that your points count for Crossfit DC’s total. Our other local Crossfit Affiliates are getting ready to put up some awesome numbers so […]
August 26, 2007

NEWS….. NEWS…. NEWS!!!!!!!Crossfit DC has a fight Gone Bad Team! Please join the team and spread the word. I’ve not talked to Tom but I think we will do this on Sunday the 30Th unless otherwise notified!The link for this is in our link section on the right. I gave […]
August 26, 2007

The Crossfit DC Crew came and put-out today!Warm upSlam ball team work.Two people one ball 20 seconds person One 20 seconds person 2 four rounds.Same thing only 30 seconds P1 30 seconds P2 four rounds. Move on now to the workout…. 5X5Front SquatsOHSBurpeesHang power cleansSome people used the Oly bars […]
August 20, 2007

Jump if you love Turkish Get ups! We warmed up with a 100 jump ropes, 40 Squats and 10 Dive bomber push ups and 50 Jump Ropes. From there our small group move into form for TGU’s. Turkish Get ups and Jump Rope was the opener for Sundays class. 4TGU’s […]
August 17, 2007

You think you can Jump Rope??!! If you have a jump rope that you like bring it to class this sunday! If anyone would like to come in at 9:30am and work on Hang power cleans Sunday before class I will be there! Also, I still have T-shirts in Large […]
August 12, 2007

Today At Crossfit DCWarm Up21-15-9 PVC pipe OHS or SquatsBurpees Then we moved on to a workout from Coach Rut’s Dumbbell MovesTen Rounds for timeDB Deadlifts L/R10 Push-upsThis little circuit was my idea of fun!!21-15-9ThrustersJen’s choiceSome people had KB swings, Push-ups on parallel barsSome Box Jumps or LungesOthers Jump to […]
August 6, 2007

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!Started class with hang power clean skill work. Look to be doing this each week for the next month. Run20 swings20 highpulls20 squats with KbrunIn 15 mins how many rounds can you do? Run20 lunges10 pushups20 swingsRun15 minuets for rounds. . .
July 31, 2007

“The Clean”Squat clean aka Full Clean aka Clean = start from the floor, catch in a full squat. Hang clean = start from the hang position (above or below the knees), catch in the full squat position. Power clean = start from the floor, catch in a quarter or half […]