July 17, 2009

Summer heat in full effect! Time to work hard and fast, get done and out of the gym! Workout was a spinoff of Fight Gone Bad, same format but with two substitutions: SDHP replaced by Hang Power Clean (props to Robb Wolf for that idea) and the rower subbed out […]
July 15, 2009

CrossFit Games 2009 Affiliate Competition…next year we will be there!(photo courtesy of CrossFit.com) Thanks again to Alex and Steve for providing excellent coaching and brutal workouts while I was off in Cali. Tuesdays workout was formatted to be a team WoD similar to the affiliate competition in Aromas. Teams of […]
July 3, 2009

After the run in the rain on Tuesday, we we back to the planned workout I had in mind, just two days later. Last nights workout continued to build on the clean, this time into a full squat. Notice how we worked Front Squats during Sundays strength segment? All the […]
July 1, 2009

DB Complex15-12-9-6-3DEADLIFTHANG SQUAT CLEANFRONT SQUATPUSH PRESS Start each round with Run to Lao embassy (400 M) . .
June 26, 2009

Thursday night was our last chance to work out with Fatima before she relocates to the west coast. She has been a great addition to CFDC, always working hard and actually looking like she enjoys it. Good luck, and enjoy Bali! Thanks to Steve O for a brutal warmup while […]
June 24, 2009

Tuesday night was time for another birthday workout! This time it wasn’t for one of our crew, but for Coach Mike Burgener. Via the magic of Facebook, I noticed that he was turning 63, so we celebrated in style. What does Coach B love? Olympic lifting! What does he dole […]
June 22, 2009

You asked for more benchmarks, you got it! After a warmup and review of the swing (including defining the required ROM), the workout went up on the board… “HELEN”3 rounds400 M run21 KB swings12 pullups Once it was done, Rob noted that the run felt longer than 400 M. His […]
June 16, 2009

It’s former blogger Maiko hacking into Tom’s account to post the workout for the day! Great job to everyone who gutted out the workout and a BIG thanks to Karen for coming at the last minute to cover class. Your hostess(es) for the evening. In Tom’s absence, and then Alex’s […]
June 16, 2009

Sunday Deadlift 5-5-3-3-3-3 Try to hit new 3RM Then we did a metcon challenge starting with: 500 M Row four minutes after the start of the row:max Burpees in 3 minutes 1 minute after thatMax DB thrusters (men 1/2 BW, W 1/3 BW) Post scores etc to comments. I was […]