March 15, 2009

SPECIFICALLY HIGHLIGHTED INTENSE TRAINING!!! Let’s see who catches it… Consider Sunday a session dedicated to skill work. Let’s get to what happened. Workout I: Pull-ups For this section we worked on kipping pull-ups and kipping pull-ups ALONE! Each person took turns completing as many kipping pull-ups as possible in, I […]
March 13, 2009

Tom had some fun in mind to wrap up this week. We were broken into two teams: guys versus the ladies. The aim: complete the obstacle course as many times as possible. When one person completes the course the team gets one point. I’ll be honest, I never did catch […]
March 11, 2009

Workout: Hot…Humid…Sweaty…Moist…Stanky… In Groups of 5 with one person per station complete 4 rounds of… Med Ball CleansDB Push PressBox JumpsKB SDHPBurpees Start with 25 reps for the first round, decrease reps by 5 for each subsequent round (25-20-15-10). Everyone rotates through each exercise before beginning a new round. Everyone […]
March 8, 2009

Image courtesy of naturally. My graphic design skills ain’t that good (yet). With the Mid-Atlantic Regionals fast approaching, today’s class was the first in a series focusing on preparing competitors for the qualifiers. Remember, you have until next weekend to sign up to compete! After the warm-up, Tom unveiled […]
March 6, 2009

Welcome Back Doron and Peter!! After the warm-up which consisted of slow squats, good push-ups, lunge + stretch and inch worms, we briefly went over the the Med-ball Clean. Starting = Deadlift. Lift the med-ball by extending your hips without bending your arms (again think Deadlift – back straight, shoulders […]
March 4, 2009

What do these post-workout pics tell you about yesterday’s workout? Appetizer: 10 Slow Squats (focusing on goooood form)10 Real Push-ups (chest to deck)10 Hyperextensions 15 Squats10 Real Push-ups10 Hyperextensions 20 Squats10 Real Push-ups10 Hyperextension Main Course: This was definitely a Killerest workout. Game Plan: Two groups. Five rounds. One group […]
March 1, 2009

The first class of the new month! Warm-up 2x 10 Lunge + stretch10 squats10 push-ups10 hyperextensions4 inchworms Strength Work: DEADLIFTS Deadlifts are good for the soul~! Today we worked up to our 3 rep max. The game plan was to do it in about 8 sets. Got some great numbers […]
February 27, 2009

Tom and Ami representing CFDC with Jeremy Jones of CrossFit LA! Contrary to Salty’s predictions, Thursday class did not involve any outdoor running. Instead we had DOUBLE UNDERS. Warm-up Dynamic stretching on the court using the lunge+stretch move, regular lunges, inch worms, and the spiderman crawl. We finished up with […]
February 25, 2009

QUARTER GONE BAD PLUS(way more than a quarter!) This workout was based on the WOD “Quarter Gone Bad”, which was developed for John Welbourne, NFL player and Crossft Balboa owner. John is a seriously big guy, and the original workout was set for repeated short, powerful bursts over 15 […]