March 29, 2008

Who’s Ready for Sunday? Spring is here in DC….be ready for a new season! . .
March 28, 2008

Crossfit DC tonight at 6:30! Who’s in? Oops This should have been Thrusday…no class on Friday! . .
March 25, 2008

WOD“Barbara” Five rounds, each for time of:20 Pull-ups30 Push-ups40 Sit-ups50 Squats “As CrossFit Trainers, we demand of our athletes first, good technique and second, the ability to perform that technique consistently before we increase the intensity. Complex and dynamic movements like the Clean and Jerk also require a sound grasp […]
March 24, 2008

Sunday was a Fight Gone Bad day! Need I say more!?!? . .
March 23, 2008

All classes as usual! 9am Crossfit Elements and 10am CrossfitHappy Easter! . .
March 21, 2008

-Greg Everett on Sandbag cleans-“The more time I spend working with sandbags—and the more time I make my clients spend with them—the more I appreciate them as training tools (the sandbags, not my clients). The difference in the feeling of a sandbag of a given weight and a barbell of […]
March 20, 2008

Crossfit DC would like to recognize two of our long time trainees. Steve Opiyo and Fred Fialco. These two man are truly motivating. Since I’ve known them they have each improved there fitness on so many levels. Fred had become enthralled in Olympic lifting so much so that he has […]
March 16, 2008

Holy cow that guy can jump!Notice that the box is at Mikes waist!This was not a one time deal, Mike did this for a long ass workout last week. He made every jump! . .
March 16, 2008

Crossfit DC’s Elements class is on for today (Sunday) March 16th. If you have any questions please call me(jen) at 571-276-6748. . .