August 23, 2006

CLEAN AND JERK ANYTHING AT KRAV MAGA DC To continue on the virtuosity theme, what is more fundemental than the clean and jerk? Well, the squat of course, but we always work on that. So, yesterdays CFDC WOD was devoted to just DB cleans and the jerk. Noting that I […]
August 22, 2006

I just reread the “Virtuosity” letter Coach Glassman sent out to all CrossFit trainers last year. Virtuosity comes down to mastery of the foundation, doing the basics exceptionally well. Is there any point that needs to be made more? Sometimes we get caught up in all the possibilities that randomized […]
August 21, 2006

Well, as simple as Blogger seems, I found that I can mess the coding up fairly easily. That distracted me for a few days, but I am really planning to get my posts more regular. After all, if folks are going to take the time to see whats on my […]
August 16, 2006

I blew it yesterday. I really wanted to wish Adam Lautenschlager a Happy Birthday, so I guess a little late is better than never. Adams’ enthusiasm for CrossFit is a constant motivator for our group, as well as myself. So, I just want to take today to thank him for […]
August 15, 2006

Everyone is out of town, too bad Willi didnt get the message. So, he showed up tonight and got an impromptu PT session. The question is, will a workout like this cure jetlag? Row 1000 M15 reps each ofWall ballPullupsKB SwingsKnee to ElbowRing Dips Then Row 750 M20 reps each […]
August 14, 2006

Nino assumes the official Crossfit rest position. . .
August 9, 2006

My “media Fitness” musings for today revolve around Mens Journal. Someone at City Fitness wanted to try one of the programs they publish, so I looked it over. Well, there is a bit of a CrossFit light vibe going on, but no problem. At least the program includes Squats, Deads, […]
August 8, 2006

Tonights lesson: setting personal bests for a 500Meter row does not leave athletes feeling refreshed for the actual WOD. Tonight we had 3 guys attempt 500 M on the Concept II: Fred -1:34Leo -1:39.1John -1:41.6 Great job, but that was the warmup guys. Next was 4 rounds of 20 reps […]
August 7, 2006

I am not leaving CrossFit. When a guy posts that he has tried the program for 3 months and is moving on, I feel sorry for him. I am convinced that he is really missing out on some great benefits. One little part of me feels a little jealous. Ahhh, […]