September 25, 2008

Summer is over, but the workouts continue! Tuesday night started with 2 rounds of:2 minutes of jumprope2 minutes of 5 pushups, 10 squats, 10 superman After watching Andrew (3:47), Russ (3:05) and Karen (4:46) PR on Fran, class blasted through a 3 person relay, doing 15,12,9,6,3 of:Swings (70-53-45-35 lbs)Thrusters (95-65-45lbs)Pullups […]
September 21, 2008

Don’t forget to pick up your punch card from Tom!! Warm-up: 3x through… 5 pull-ups10 push-ups15 squats20 jumping jacks Workout I: Deadlifts Like Thursday we worked with the 5×5 set/rep scheme. Saw a lot of people pull some impressive numbers but remember: when in doubt DROP THE WEIGHT! Workout II: […]
September 19, 2008

Warm-up: 2x through 20 Squats5 Dive-bomber push-ups15 Supermans/Back Extensions Now for something completely different from Tuesday. Workout I: Back Squat 5×5 The workout is self explanatory. Great work especially to those newbies to the Back Squat! Workout II: Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of the following […]
September 17, 2008

Warm-up: 2x through 1 minute of… SquatsJump RopePush-ups Workout: Lets Blast Your Shoulders…FOR TIME! Ladder Drill 15 DB Snatches (left)1 Turkish Get-Up15 DB Snatches (right)1 TGU15 V-Up 14 DB Snatches (left)2 TGU14 DB Snatches (right)2 TGU14 V-Up....10 DB Snatches (left)6 TGU10 DB Snatches (right)6 TGU10 V-Up Use 20~25% of your […]
September 14, 2008

A Pleasantly rough workout to end the weekend with. After tackling the warm-up and some light deadlift work, Tom put us through the following: Workout: Complete the following circuit 5x through by getting as many reps as possible in 30 seconds per exercise. So that is 30 seconds of work […]
September 12, 2008

Tom was back to put class through a Hero Workout Mash-up as a 9/11 tribute. Try to guess which workouts were mashed. Warm-up: 2x… 20 Squats5 Dive-bomber push-ups Workout: CFDC 9/11 Tribute 800m Block Run25 Pull-ups50 Squats 21-15-9 reps of…HSPUs or Pike Push-upsBench DipsPush-ups 25 Pull-ups50 Squats800m Block Run25 Pull-ups50 […]
September 11, 2008

Tom is back to lead classes today, but give a big thanks to Steve O., Alex, and Jen for covering classes for the last month! On an unrelated note, take a moment to remember and honor those who lost their lives 7 years ago today. If you want to do […]
September 10, 2008

September 10, 2008

Haha, welcome back everyone who was missing! I’m sure most people wouldn’t want this as their first CFDC workout after a long break. Speaking of missing, where you at Reggie?? Warm-up: 3 rounds… 10 PVC Dislocates5 Dive-Bomber Push-ups10 Supermans10 Scorpions Workout:: The Nifty 50 “Steve Style”I think Steve o. has […]