September 16, 2009

“Grace” Clean and Jerk 30 reps for time We have been working on cleans and push presses/push jerks a bit lately, and making some positional improvement. In this workout we put that to the test, and got the work in to get a rhythm down, the bar following the same […]
September 14, 2009

Look out! Sara @ her CrossFit cert!photo Strength focus:7 sets of 3 repsPush Press and Weighted Pullups A few people ended up going to push jerks, which was fine with me as long as they were done well. Remember, a strong starting position is essential to lifting heavy. Learn […]
September 11, 2009

2+2+2=pain! 2 sets Back Squat for max reps @ bodyweight2 sets Pullups max reps2 rounds of Fight Gone Bad The Squats presented a few different challenges, but either way it contributed to he overall effect. For those who could not get high reps at their weight, this became more of […]
September 10, 2009

OVERHEAD SQUAT5X5 working up to max load Followed by“C-Note”25 Deadlifts (@bw)25 Burpees25 DB Thrusters (@1/2 bw for men, 1/3 for ladies)25 Med Ball cleans ((@ 20-25 % bw) Steve, Brendan and Reggie all scaled up on the DLs. This was enough work to be challenging, but concise enough to push […]
September 7, 2009

Work up to 5 heavy sets2 clean+ 1 jerk (power cleans, push press or push jerk all OK) Then we worked our way around the room giving everyone a chance to do their “best” Clean and jerk. Best was to be a balance of technique, improvement, and weight- not just […]
September 4, 2009

I love to travel, but I always look forward to coming back to teach. It felt great to get back into the gym and see everyone, and in a fleeting moment of sympathy, I actually switched up the planned wod. In teams of 315 minute AMRAPRow 250 M15 swings15 box […]
August 21, 2009

Double under time! For those in class with double unders good to go, the workout was:5 rounds40 double unders30 squats20 pushups For some of the more double under frustrated, they got their work in without a meltdown:5 rounds40 squats30 pushups20 double unders Everyone got to grab a heavy set of […]
August 19, 2009

A few years ago, my workouts tended to be longer, more grueling met-cons. I’ve learned how to program more effective overall programming (Focus on Strength, Technical movements, shorter met-con “finishers”), but there is still a time for grinding it out. Tuesday was one of those nights! Team workoutRotate through 3 […]
August 17, 2009

Sara in good position @155 for 3! (I like the lifted elbows, looks like the head may be raising up a little though) Salty @150 Kg (330 Lbs), going more high bar style (notice his wrists taking a beating) Frances with the bell truly overhead (and a little over-arched mid […]