July 25, 2008

For Thursday’s class everything was done on the court. You know that means it was a tough one. After some calisthenics for the warm-up the class was divided into to two groups of 4 for the workout of the day. Workout: One person per station with three burpees in between […]
July 23, 2008

Surprisingly a few people who survived Sunday’s class showed up for class Tuesday. Those who missed out on Sunday got a nice treat in class too. After the warm-up we went straight into the workout. Here we can see Reggie modifying his squat to get back into action 3 weeks […]
July 21, 2008

Sunday’s workout came courtesy of Leo who is out in CA having the time of his life getting paid to do CrossFit!   He is serving in the US Navy, with the goal of becoming a SEAL, and is waiting for his BUDs class to start.  In the meantime he […]
July 18, 2008

Warm-up: Something New In honor of the mostly upper body workout that was posted on the main CF website Thursday, the workout for class was also a blast to the upper body. Workout: Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of… 6 ring-dips/bench dips9 push-ups12 snatches (6 per […]
July 16, 2008

Warm-up: 10 Shoulder Dislocates5 Dive-bomber Push-ups10 Squats10 Shoulder Dislocates5 Dive-bomber Push-ups10 OHS w/ PVC You should know where this is going… “Jeremy” 21-15-9 reps of… OHS w/ PVCBurpees Workout: Class was put through a Tabata workout. No score was kept even though that was the original plan. The class was […]
July 15, 2008

photo courtesy of www.crossfit.com CFDC well represented at last weekends cert in VA Beach! Check out Mike, Tuba Steve, and Melody in the bottom picture. Congrats! . .
July 13, 2008

Warm-up: 3x 20 squats5 Dive-bomber push-ups20 Scorpions10 Supermans10 Alternating Lunges5 Burpees Skill Work: Sprinting We had  special guest instructor Anne Shadle, who showed us a thing or two on improving our sprinting.   Anne just competed in the USA Track and Field Trials, and was the NCAA mile champ a […]
July 12, 2008

Crossfit Dc’s Elements class takes place on Sunday mornings at 9am. If you’re new to Crossfit or new to the DC area this is the class for you! It will get you off to a great start with Crossfit! Last week we worked on the Sumo Deadlift High Pull, this […]
July 10, 2008

Original photo credit: cstein96 Just kidding… Warm-up: 3x… 15 squats5 dive-bomber push-ups Skill Work: The Deadlift The rep scheme for this was 2×5 at each weight ramping up to working weight. One issue was that a few people were still struggling to keep the back pulled into a tight arch. […]