January 22, 2008

Elements Class for the last two Sundays has been awesome. Each week we have 5 or so people attend. As I’ve stated before this class is made for New and long time Crossfiters. Every class starts with Air squat work.From there we go to..Wall ballPushupsQuadrupedal movementsKettelbell swingsThen it’s up to […]
January 14, 2008

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January 7, 2008

Sundays classes:Elements worked on perfecting form on the hand2hand KB swing along with the Air squat. With our toes to the wall and hands overhead Kristy, Reggie and Doug were able to keep there torsos up right. The difference in squat form is amazingly transformed after warming up with the […]
January 3, 2008

A couple workouts to update: Last Sunday we ended the year with a strength day. The workout was 5 sets Deadlifts for 3 reps, followed by a strict press/push press/push jerk. Plenty of rest between sets, the emphasis was on form and moving heavy weight. Most of the guys deadlifted […]
December 28, 2007

Start your new year with Crossfit by working on your skills at this weeks Elements class. Class time is 9am, I’ll see you there! . .
December 23, 2007

Crossfit DC’s Nightmare before Christmas! Happy Holidays! Hope your sore! . .
December 16, 2007

Sunday morning workout: 5 rounds, done for max reps: 1 minute deadlifts1 minute DB thrusters1 minute box jumps1 minute rest Then we used Coach Burgners “finisher”, a minute of as many jump squats with the bar as possible. Steve O hit 50 to win the challenge. Finally, we finished with […]
December 14, 2007

Today Joe and I exchanged several emails, and he sent me a spreadsheet his training partner had put together of all their workouts. Now, these guys are the driving force behind CrossFit at the Pentagon gym, and they are great representatives. Many of the workouts they have are brutal. Sometimes […]
December 12, 2007

Tuesday evening was time to get under the bar. Heavy barbell work is an essential aspect of CrossFit, and we will be doing a lot more in the future. Getting that started was the “BEAR” complex. We did seven reps without putting down the bar, and tried to increase weight […]