September 14, 2006

Tuesdays group WOD Four person teams competing in a relay of 21-15-9 reps of: 75 Lb CleansPullupsWall BallBurpees Today Winnie came back from 3 weeks in Peru, so I had a rest day with no training. Back at it tommorrow. . .
September 13, 2006

Knocked off another of the Crossfit North level 3 standards today. Although I had not tried 100 double 16kg Kettlebell Clean and Jerks for time, it was not a real challege to complete in under 10 minutes. The thing here is, I am way far away from the 1/2 bodyweight […]
September 11, 2006

100 snatches with the 24kg. Kettlebell for time. 4:34. I didnt really rush so I could get an idea of my normal snatching pace, but I was still feeling it at the end. . .
September 10, 2006

Todays CFDC WOD: 30 Thrusters30 Pushups30 Box Jumps30 KB SDHP 20 Thrusters20 Pushups20 Box Jumps20 KB SDHP 15 Thrusters15 Pushups15 Box Jumps15 KB SDHP 10 Thrusters10 Pushups10 Box Jumps10 KB SDHP First person finished was Maiko at 16:04 with Willi close behind. Great work! Also worked on Pullups and rope […]
September 9, 2006

Anyone know who those folks in the photo are? It goes way back.. Yesterday I did “Cindy” again, which is one of the workouts I am trying to use as a fundemental check. The value is not just in the total amount of work in the 20 minutes, but the […]
September 8, 2006

I will now be using this blog as my main contact page, linked to the CrossFit main page. I will spend a lot of time working on blogger this weekend, so more to come. Anyone looking for the contact info: . .
September 4, 2006

Wow, am I bad at keeping up with the blogging or what? Limited computer time has put me behind schedule, but I will make a point to catch up this week. Great work by everyone at the session yesterday (scores on the whiteboard). Nice to have Russ back in town, […]
August 28, 2006

I got to run a few really fun workouts this weekend. Saturday I teamed up with rowing coach Phil Johns at the Anacostia Community Boathouse. After some technical work, my group did 3 500 meter rows, with Squat cleans, pullups, and kettlebell swings in between. As hard as the workout […]
August 25, 2006

What happens when a 13 year old stays up till 5AM, wakes up and eats a big bowl of cereal an hour before his workout? Well, he made it through the mile run of his Mini Murph, but the 25 pullups brought out the evil clown. A quick rally got […]