August 10, 2016

Base Camp, 8/13/2016

Focus 1: Back Squats Focus 2: Wall Balls Workout: Wall Balls, Pull-Ups, & Burpees Base Camp this Saturday will focus on the king of the strength movements (and all around CFDC favorite), the Back Squat. Squats are a staple in our programming, and with class having set a one rep […]
August 3, 2016

Base Camp, 8/6/2016

Focus 1: Hanging Hollow, Hanging Arch, & Kipping Focus 2: Knees to Elbows (“K2E”) and Kipping K2E Focus 3: Jump Rope and Double Unders Workout: Jump Rope, K2E, Hollow & Arch Rocks & Burpees (‘cuz why not?) Building on last week’s tour of the gymnastics bars, this week’s Base Camp […]
July 27, 2016

Base Camp, 7/30/2016

Focus 1: Hollow Position, Arch Position, & Kipping Focus 2: Pull-Ups (and AWWLLLLLL the scaling variations!) Workout: Pull-Ups & Bear Crawl Pull-ups. They’re everywhere and in everything when it comes to CrossFit. But which version to choose: Ring Rows vs Assisted? Assisted vs Strict?? Strict vs Kipping?!? Kipping vs Butterfly?!?! […]
July 20, 2016

Base Camp, 7/23/2016

Focus 1: Tall Cleans Focus 2: Cleans (esp. Hang Squat Cleans) Workout: DB Cleans, Ball Slams, Russian Twist Calling all speed freaks! At this Saturday’s Base Camp, we’ll spend some serious time on developing the necessary speed for getting under your Cleans. In particular, we’ll work on the Tall Clean, […]
July 13, 2016

Base Camp, 7/16/2016

Focus 1: Box Jumps vs Seated Box Jumps Focus 2: Box Squats Workout: Burpee, Box Jumps The Box Squat makes it’s first appearance in Base Camp this Saturday, but not before everyone in attendance has gotten a good dose of explosive prep with a good review of the Seated Box Jump, […]
July 6, 2016

Base Camp, 7/9/2016

Focus 1: Handstands (esp. Kicking into a Handstand, or a scaled version of kick-ups) Focus 2: Handstand Push-Ups Focus 3/Workout: Floor Press & Pendlay Rows For this week’s Base Camp we’ll start by focusing on proper positioning for the handstand, and then work on kicking into a handstand in a […]
June 29, 2016

Base Camp, 7/2/2016

Focus 1: Turkish Get-Ups Focus 2: Overhead Squats Workout: DB Snatch, DB OHS & Sit-Ups Now this is a delightful pairing: Turkish Get-Ups and Overhead Squats, pairing all the essential elements of shoulder stability with full body mobility. If you ever wanted to diagnose your biggest mobility faults and movement […]
June 22, 2016

Base Camp, 6/25/2016

Focus 1: Squat Clean Focus 2: Thrusters Focus 3: Cluster (Squat Clean -to- Thruster) Workout: Clusters and Athletics Burpees We’ve paid a lot of attention to pulling under our cleans lately, and – no surprise – we’ve done plenty of thrusters over the last few weeks (49 per person to be […]
June 15, 2016

Base Camp, 6/18/2016

Focus 1: Rowing Focus 2: Deadlifts Workout: KB Deadlifts, Push-Ups, Plank-to-Squat, & Jump Squats Continuing on the theme of building better posterior chain strength, this weekend’s Base Camp will move back to a focus on the basics of Deadlifts, with lot’s of attention paid to proper form, technique, common cues, […]