July 24, 2006
July 31, 2006

Tuesday evenings are heating up! Tonight we had 10 people in class, along with Adam and myself. Started off with 5 rounds of B-2-B Tabata squats and pushups, then moved on to kettlebell work. My goal is to get everyone up to speed on the KB snatch so we can get some people to enter the upcoming Tactical Strength Challenge. I started by teaching the swing, then high pull and eventually the punch through. Not too many banged forearms, and a few folks really “got it”. The snatch is not something that can be mastered in a short time, as with most things worth doing.

Finished the evening with a partner ladder set, one person starting with swings, one with burpees, from one rep up to ten of each for both people.

Today was my first day back into a “M.E.” program, and was based around 5X5 Deadlift at 225lbs. Maybe a conservative estimate for the starting point, as even having not deadlifted recently, that felt really light. Also did some plate curls and CoC gripper work, which was not feeling too easy. Back to meta-con mayhem tommorrow.



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