July 31, 2006
August 7, 2006

Every Tuesday I find myself looking forward to reading the fitness news in The Washington Post. I have no idea why, as it always seems to leave me railing against the prevailing attitude, trendy ness and just lack of substance. But, I come around to one central fact. Our nation is sick, pathological in fact. Anything that gets people exercising is doing some good. Those that want to get past the “can you do it front of the TV?” test mentality will go off on their own, and some may find us. So, this week I turned to “The Moving Crew” column written by John Briley. At first glance he is writing about what some people find good equipment investments. OK, cool, someone wrote in about kettlebells, what’s next? Hmmm Concept II rower, then someone extolling the simple virtues of a jump rope. Well I’ll be- they finally got it right!

CrossFit DC got a little nasty in the workout last night, a Fight Gone Bad style blast with 7 stations, and 2 Minute rest breaks.

DB Squat Cleans

KB Swings

Sandbag Shouldering

Elevated Pushups

DB Thrusters

DB Sprawl/High Pulls

Dynamax Sit Up Throws

Tuesday was the ME day on my program, although my hands were torn up from double KB cleans on Monday (part of a modified “Elizabeth”). I can’t stress the benefit of the ME program enough, but will have to go into that later.



  1. falconfive says:

    You’re right about the ME, Tom, lifting heavy weights does seem to make you stronger. Who woulda thought it? You better watch out though, I’m nearly front squatting your past deadlift workout.