August 7, 2006
August 9, 2006

Tonights lesson: setting personal bests for a 500Meter row does not leave athletes feeling refreshed for the actual WOD. Tonight we had 3 guys attempt 500 M on the Concept II:

Fred -1:34
Leo -1:39.1
John -1:41.6

Great job, but that was the warmup guys. Next was 4 rounds of 20 reps each:

Wall ball
Ring pushups (feet on box)
Sumo DL high pull (75 lbs)

Finally, Adam came up with the excellent idea of a Tabata Ab circuit. Both of us jumped in and did 4 intervals each of dynamax situp throws, FC twists, L sits, and Plank.

Today was ME day for myself.
Overhead Squats (3×5 @115)
Deadlifts (5×5 @335)
Bench Press (5×5 up to 275)

Still not pushing the envelope as far as loading, but getting back into the groove. More thoughts on developing as a CrossFit athlete, benching, and pop media fitness to come…



  1. falconfive says:

    Tell Fred to slow down. That’s way too fast.