August 21, 2006
August 23, 2006

I just reread the “Virtuosity” letter Coach Glassman sent out to all CrossFit trainers last year. Virtuosity comes down to mastery of the foundation, doing the basics exceptionally well. Is there any point that needs to be made more? Sometimes we get caught up in all the possibilities that randomized functional movements at high intensity can provide. There is nothing wrong with new movements, combinations etc., but does this often come at the expense of our systematic progression? Yes , at least it can.

That does not mean that randomization won’t deliver, just that we must spend more of our time on fewer things. There is room for virtual shoveling WODs, but then its back to basics. As this applies to myself, I have been really looking at improving my bodyweight exercises. I want to do Cindy without one rep not being picture perfect Coach standing over me in a bad mood good. So, my rounds have dropped. I realized my pullups were not always full extension, so now they are. If that messes up my kipping rythem, that means I need more work on that. No shortcuts, no inflated scores, maybe less metabolic effect in the short term, but I must strive for the ever elusive virtuosity.


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