August 22, 2006
August 25, 2006


To continue on the virtuosity theme, what is more fundemental than the clean and jerk? Well, the squat of course, but we always work on that. So, yesterdays CFDC WOD was devoted to just DB cleans and the jerk. Noting that I didn’t say power clean, I am hoping that you understand the full squat clean was required.

Workout consited of:
1 clean/10 jerks
2 cleans/9 jerks
etc., etc. until
10 cleans/1 jerk

Afterwords, Adam and I demonstrated the need to actually do cleans and jerk when it comes to moving heavy weight. Adam did a few cleans with 2 75 lb DBs, and I cleaned and did some jerks with the 65s. With the understanding of the movements hopefully a little clearer, everyone got to upgrade to heavier weights and practice low reps, feeling the actual need to move it correctly.

Finished off with some Turkish getups (which I didn’t see anyone doing it Turkey). Being the helpful guy he is, Adam asked me what it might look like with a 32 KG KB. No Problem, I said. Well, then what about the bar at 95 lbs? Never tried it before, but did one, really concentrating on keeping tension and focus. Felt pretty good, a little personal highlight to end a good class.



  1. Jen says:

    It looks like you guys had fun…I hate missing out on the clean and jerk work!