September 18, 2006
September 21, 2006

I want to extend my deepest thanks to Adam Lautenschlager. Today was his last class at CFDC for a while, as he has gone back to active duty in the US Army. Adam has added so much to the development of our group, on top of being a good friend. He was kind enough to leave me with his 170 lb. loaded strongman kegs as well.

I knocked out the Tabata workout today, a sub par 309. I missed two rounds of situps when I dropped the timer, and the battery shot out.

At class tonight:

Ari 320 with jumping pullups
Maiko 307 jumping
Chris 251 rx’d
John 250 (4 inch step under Dynamax for squat depth)



  1. falconfive says:

    I’m sorry I couldn’t make it today, guys, especially Adam. Homework called.