September 24, 2006
September 26, 2006

You should go to check out:

She is part of our CrossFit DC community, and always has something interesting to say. I was a little suprised to see that she was a hardcore born again christian at one point, but everyone has their suprises. Really, she had some good points about the mentality of CrossFit diehards- we do’t want to become self righteous blowhards. Jen is really into motivating folks who don’t exercise, so berating them for not understanding the beauty of meta-con workouts as opposed to steady state (sitting on a recumbant bike)training.

I agree. What I take more issue with is the trainers, who are content to keep everyone at 65% MPHR, not because its whats in the clients intrest, but because it is easy. I think part of Jens thoughts were motivated by a few of us joking about sanother client and his trainers. She is right, it is great that they are out there moving. But why is the trainer having them do things that I know is not how he trains? I think the answer lies in the groupthink mentality of the fitness industry. Its just to easy to coast along, and not worry about convincing clients to follow. But you know what? Results speak for themselves. You have to be willing to risk losing clients who are not suited to your real beliefs, and the ones who stay will progress faster than you an imagine. i’ve seen it, i am living it right now.

Don’t believe me? come out to CrossFit DC and see what Jen and the rest are up to.


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