October 7, 2006
November 15, 2006

Reminder: No Tuesday Evening Class until November.

I will be out of town, but checking email regularly (tombrose@crossfitdc.com). Russ will lead Sunday morning sessions.

Todays WOD
4 minute work stations, one minute rest
Row (scored by cals)
DB Clean and Jerk
Run (scored by % of mile)
Wall Ball
Ball Slams (25 lbs)

Afterwords we discussed the “55 kg girl lifting 60 kg is not safe” thread from the CrossFit message board. The above post is Maiko Davidson Deadlifting 135 lbs. We got your back Alicia!



  1. falconfive says:

    About the Sunday Morning thing.

    I will be gone next Sunday in Philadelphia with my Grandparents. After that I decided to start going to the Tuesday night class instead in order to be able to go to Canaan’s church Sunday mornings. Is there any way we can switch to Tuesday nights while you’re gone? I am sorry for the mix up.

  2. Moondog Mai says:

    “55 kg girl lifting 60 kg is not safe”…isn’t that discrimination??? Had to read the thread after hearing you and Jen talk about it (been absent from the boards a loooooooooooong time). I’ll have to make a shirt with your modification of the “warning” one day…

  3. Jen says:

    Nice lift moondog! Now that would be a funny T-shirt!

  4. John Frazer says:

    Hope you can figure out something for Sunday classes–been looking forward to getting back there now that the Army Ten-Miler is out of the way. (BTW–PR by 2 minutes on a nearly all-Crossfit training program.)

  5. Moondog Mai says:

    Kind of sucky about not having Sundays classes for a while, not too sure if I can make it Tuesdays. I’ll manage somehow! =)

    John-congrats on the PR!!

  6. falconfive says:

    Tuesdays at 7:15 it is until Tom gets back. Be there. I promise I will make it worth your time.

    I will be paying extra close attention to olympic lifting and squatting form, as that is an area we all could improve in (including me of course.) You can get your metabolic conditioning done anywhere, but virtuosity on fundamental movements is what distinguishes the great from the average.

  7. John Frazer says:

    Just want to check–are we on this coming Sunday?