November 27, 2006
November 29, 2006

My expirement with Intermitant Fasting has begun. After doing a 24 hour fast (dinner t dinner) for Thanksgiving, I am going to try 2 days a week of that. The first thing that I noticed, was that I didn’t have an energy crash after my workout. Usually I drag a bit mid day, but I was suprised that the workout didn’t take a toll on me. I’ll keep posting my thoughts on this as I get into it.

The workout:
20 minute steady state row
40 lbs DB “Fran”
Towel Rows
Get-up Situps w/ 24kg KB
Plate curls (grip work)

Then about 20 minutes of jujitsu warmup drills, as far as I know them.



  1. Anonymous says:

    A crew buddy of mine tried this once…he felt great until he passed out and had to go to the hospital. Outside of the metabolic stress, fasting can also wreak havoc on your glycogen replacement-when it’s gone, you pass out to avoid the next step of glycogen loss: organ failure, sepsis, heart muscle shutdown and ultimately death.
    Indeed, the cultures that fast are mindful of its potentially harmful results: Pregnant women, the infirm, and children are exempt, and the population generally doesn’t do much during the day.
    If you want to avoid the post lunch/post workout crash, eat more low-glycemic-index foods and stay mobile through your slump.
    That all said, I’m not a doctor, trainer, bio-mechanicist, or professional. Be careful…and please don’t sue.