December 7, 2006
December 10, 2006

After doing the WOD posted on CrossFit yesterday, I worked the kinks out with some Overhead Squats:
135×5 (3 sets)

After telling everyone how they need to adress their weakpoints over and over, I actually took my own advice and worked on hip flexibility (or, my lack thereof).



  1. Anonymous says:

    I try to do the same thing, in my case with a few sets of front squats, thrusters, and/or dips after every xfit workout. Trouble is I’m usually so gassed I don’t get very far.

  2. Moondog Mai says:

    Actually have a question…how do you work on your hip flexibility issue? Like using what kind of exercises or stretchs?

  3. Tom Brose says:

    As my descriptive powers aint so good, I think I will have to show you. Lack of hip flexibility could be a factor in your knee pain as well. If you can make it Sunday, we can modify things for you, and work on those tight spots

  4. Moondog Mai says:

    Unfortunately I think I may have re-aggrivated the knees…damn my stupidity! X_x So I’ll be locking myself indoors again…

    I actually think muscle imbalance may have more to do with it than flexibility, but my friend Jeff seems to be inflexible there so I was curious…