December 19, 2006
December 21, 2006

Goals for the new year anyone? Lets take some time to set specific goals to work towards in 2007. I have a few training goals I am aiming for:

500Lbs Deadlift
30 Pullups
225 Overhead Squat
sub 7:30 2000M row
muscle ups
100 32 kg Kettlebell snatches in 5 minutes

Thats off the top of my head. Anyone care to share?



  1. Anonymous says:

    * Run an 8 minute mile
    * 50-75 push up
    * 20 pull ups
    * Straight arm rings press handstand
    * Double full on floor exercise
    * Lead climb 5.11
    * Start sprint training
    * Improve O-lift techniques

  2. Jen says:

    Muscle up!
    2x’s bodyweight DL( Maybe I should loss a little more weight, LOL!)
    Learn and perform snatch well with the OLY bar.
    For now that’s good.

  3. Anonymous says:

    *Injury free 2007
    *Muscle up(s)
    *330 Fight Gone Bad
    *Bodyweight clean/jerk
    *2x Bodyweight deadlift
    *Improved form on punches/kicks
    *Improved shoulder/hip flexibility


  4. John Frazer says:

    All the Crossfit North Level II standards. Biggest weakness is in chest pushing strength–dips, weighted dips, bench press, pushups.

  5. falconfive says:

    sub 22 6k row – about 23 now
    over 425 dl – last max was 365
    bw ohs X 15 – right now can do 165 X 4 at 172 bw
    30 rounds of cindy – previous best was 26
    30 handstand pushups – previous best was 15
    55 pullups – previous best was high 30’s
    5 minute mile – previous best was 5:12
    double bw back squat – previous best was 265 X 3 at 172

  6. Moondog Mai says:

    Hmmm, let’s see…

    -Be able to handle 20lbs overhead
    -Do Oly lifts with weights, not just the barbell
    -DL 155lb!
    -1 minute L-sit
    -10 chin-ups and 5 pull-ups!
    -Incorporate more stretching and flexibility work (for safety and for bellydancing, hehe!)
    -for Krav, be able to last 20 secs without feeling pukey when sparring!
    -Freestanding handstand, even for a few seconds

    Another goal would be to internalize the science behind all this. Nutrition, hypertrophy, periodization, conditioning, etc.

    Think that’s it for me!!

  7. adam says:


    25 rounds “Cindy” (current PR 18)
    STRICT Muscle-up
    Sub 5 min Dumbbell Fran (current PR 6:33)
    45 pullups (current PR 33)
    BW OHS (current PR 165)
    15 HSPU (current PR 8)
    550lb Deadlift (hey, we got the whole year, right?


    Ironmind Coc#3 (PR 2.5)
    Bend Ironmind yellow nail (PR 2 white nails at once)
    Pinch 2×45’s (one hand, that is)
    Tear a full deck of cards (PR 43 cards, this one’s coming soon)


    Competing in the Waldorf contest in May 2007 is really the main thing, but there are a couple PR’s I would like to hit:

    330lb Atlas stone to 54″ platform (current PR 300lb to 48″)
    250lb Log Overhead (current PR 215 on a 12′ Log)

  8. adam says:

    Oh yeah, and a 300 APFT score without spcifically training for it (current PR 276)

    Some lofty goals, I’ll admit, but most of those are just trying to play catch-up with Russ.

  9. Tom Brose says:

    I think the Kimchee and Soju can get you there

  10. Anonymous says:

    Beat 20 min. in my combo:

    10 times up the exorcist stairs
    20 pull ups
    20 knees to elbows
    100 push ups

    I am holding steady at 22:45 min. right now…

    – 25 pullups
    -dog park hill backwards bearcrawl w/o stopping

    – Rutyna

  11. Steven says:

    * Row an 8 minute 2K
    * 20 pull ups
    * Bench 175 lbs
    * Do a handstand
    * Sub-40 min 10k run
    * Find some place to learn kettlebells
    * Hold Kakasana for 1 minute
    * Hold 15 lb dumbbell lateral raise for 1 minute
    * Achieve decent proficiency in Spanish

  12. Tom Brose says:

    Steven, I am an RKC instructor, so if you are in DC, I can teach you Kettlebells. Once you get going with those, lateral raises won’t seem very important.

  13. jon mac says:

    *Eat. Constantly eat. Get my weight back up around #185. 3 large meals and 3 meal replacements per day.
    *Get a 330 on the APFT. PR is a 315
    *Strict muscle up!
    *2x BW DL
    *Improved flexibility
    *Run a 50k

    Gaining weight and running don’t work so well together, so one of these may have to give. Thoughts on food and eating?

  14. Moondog Mai says:

    Tom – Stupid question, what’s RKC? =