January 14, 2007
January 15, 2007
CrossFit DC group workout.

Snatch and Clean practice, then finished with a smoker.

Thrusters (45 or 35lb bar)


Kettlebell swings (16 or 24 kg.)

I had a big class, but maybe none of them will come back after that. Hope Jens video came out to document the mayhem.



  1. aileen says:

    smoker….yeah…my whole body was smokin’. friggin tried to kill us! ;o)
    where’s the vid. i tried to leave a comment on it…but i may have gotten dangerously close to the lens..perhaps i broke it.

  2. John Frazer says:

    I was surprised I wasn’t sore at all from the workout … but realized its impact when I tried some heavy shoulder pressing and deadlifts Monday night.