January 15, 2007
January 18, 2007

Wow, I feel like class is really on a roll. A bunch of the people from Sunday reviewed O Lifts, then we got down to business.

2 rotations, each 5 stations. One minute at each station without rest, followed by a one minute break. Switch rotations, then repeat . Total work time 20 minutes.

Rotation A
double kettlebell clean and jerk
pushups (feet on 24 inch box)
jumping ring pullups
wall ball
65 Lb SDHP

Rotation B
Alt. KB Renegade rows
box jumps
ball slams
L sit
35 Lb DB push press



  1. Anonymous says:

    great stuff. The workout was fun. The cardio didn’t get me so much (could be a good sign), but my muscels powered down toward the end. They just ran out of gas. found that my shoulders lack endurance.

    Dave, Andres and I will be doing a 60 min. stride out (box drill: jog the ends and sprint the straight aways), push up, situp, bearcrawl and stair workout tonight at Georgetown on th turf. Just an even pace to get a good cardio burn.


  2. Jon McGuire says:

    The workout last night made me realize two things.

    1: Gaining weight has hurt my endurance. I was dragging ass the whole time.

    2: My shoulders are crazy weak. I can’t push press for crap.

  3. adam says:

    I got tired just reading about the workout…

  4. Tom Brose says:

    Adam, you could just add up all the work done in the entire 20 minutes and knock it out in one set of hyundai flipping.

  5. AT22 says:

    Off topic:
    You mentioned boxing class in a recent post. Is that something you teach or take? Where is it held? Just curious!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m just wondering how to find out:
    contact info (phone, email)
    location (address)
    schedule and fees?


  7. Tom Brose says:

    I can be reached at tombrose@crossfitdc.com

    Classes Tuesday at 7:15PM and Sunday at 10AM, held at Balance gym, 2200 California St. NW.

    I teach kickboxing at City Fitness on Monday and Friday nights, with lots of CrossFit thrown in (especially on Fridays)