January 31, 2007
February 6, 2007

Check out the new web page. I made it on my new Mac, and am still learning. Let me know what you think.




  1. aileen says:

    yeah….that chaos in the park movie made me tired just watching it…granted i am still tired from this morning hellacious workout.
    :o) go colts!

  2. Chris says:

    tired from this morning? I wonder why? That was a killer workout! I am dead. I like the basketball court set of wall squats, bearcrawls, lunges, burpee jumps and backwards bearcrawl to pre-exhaust us. Let me rephrase that. I think it is an awesome start to the workout. do I enjoy it? hmmm..maybe in a self loathing sort of way. Will have to think about that one.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The new website is awesome. Loved the movie.
    Sorry I missed Sunday’s workout. Actually, I’m not.

  4. Jen says:

    Web site is looking Great! I will send you some more pictures as soon as I get my computer up and running again!
    It was fun to be on the other side of things this Sunday. It made taking a rest day not so boring!

  5. aileen says:

    i forgot to add in my comment (as i was crazy tired in my head too) that the website is looking awesome.

  6. adam says:

    Tom, the new website lookslike something a drunken monkey came up with while sitting on the toilet.
    I’m sorry, I just can’t kiss your @$$ like everone else and pretend I like it….


  7. Tom Brose says:

    Thanks Adam, always lending a hand. I am not a computer genius, so bear with me. Anyways, Im glad to hear from you.

  8. adam says:

    I was joking anyways… it’s pretty slick looking, actually.