February 8, 2007
February 14, 2007

Here is a good way to get an understanding of the Overhead Squat. Put a bar overhead, and do as many as you can. At last Sundays class, we had a little competition using an empty bar. John Frazier came in first with 48 reps with the 45 lb bar, full depth squats. Interesting to see where the breakdowns came for each person. if you missed it, don’t worry. I am sure we will do this again soon.



  1. John Frazer says:

    Correction for the record–I only got 42. Alexis got 48.

    Since you were curious what would hurt–my shoulders have been fried since I woke up, and my inner thighs started stiffening up this afternoon. The strangest thing is that even my rib cage is sore!

  2. adam says:

    Hey 42 is still damn fine work, John. I’ve done 5×25 with the bar before, and that was brutal, but never that many in one set.

    Some recent PR’s of mine include:
    -Bent the Ironmind Blue Nail (actually about 15 of them now)
    -Back Squat to 14″ box 285×1 (none of that rocking or touch and go BS either, a REAL box squat) This probably puts my free squat at about 315-330, we’ll see with a CFT pretty soon…
    -Front Squat 225 5RM
    -8″ Log Clean 255lbs (ugly!!)
    -Barbell Bench 275×1 (don’t ask..)

    When is CFDC going to do a CFT, anyways??

  3. Tom Brose says:

    Correct John, Alexis did rock 48 reps,with a 22lb bar. Awesome, but I will move her up next time.

    The rib cage being sore is no surprise to me. that lets you know how vital the mid line control is to the OHS. REAL core work!

    Adam you are awesome. Still a big discrepancy from squat to DL, just like me. I have been trying to work more ME work into class, we will be doing DLs this week. Its been hard because class has been so big lately. Not a bad problem to have. Send me that APO address bro.

  4. John Frazer says:

    Not hurting too bad today.

    Adam–Impressive work! Send me your APO too…

  5. reggie says:

    My breakdown in the overhead squat “competition:” I was getting cramps in my glutes. As a result, I completed 34 reps with a 45-lb. bar.

    I’m still a little sore from Sunday’s workout. But it’s not enough to keep me coming back for more. 🙂

  6. aileen says:

    john…your rib cage may also be sore from a muscle called the serratus anterior. it helps stabilize the shoulder blades to the trunk/ribcage…and one of its attachments are ribs 3,4,5.
    intercostal (breathing muscles in b/w the ribs) may also be sore from maintaining that stretch position as well as expansion from the increased breathing.

    man…sorry i missed out on the comp!…but my wimpy arms would prolly give out before the leggies.

  7. John Frazer says:


    Yeah, that sounds about right–it’s around the side of the rib cage in front of the lats.

    My shoulders and even hands definitely gave out before my legs. My hands were actually getting numb, had to just throw the bar forward rather than lower it.

    Still busted my 2K row PR today–talk about increased breathing!


  8. adam says:


    sent it… also, I’m always going to have that discrepancy because I’m not built for squatting (long femur ratio) and I’m kinda built for deadlifting, even though I’m tall (long arms).


    Hands going numb? How wide is your OHS grip?

  9. John Frazer says:


    My grip width is about like the picture–I’m not surprised by the numbness, my hands were in the air a damn long time!

  10. aileen says:

    john….yeah i think my hands would prolly go numb too…poor circulation….and carpal tunnel..bad combo.