February 12, 2007
February 16, 2007

Fight Gone Bad

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  1. Tom, I just came across your website. While I have a different approach to training, I do like crossfit’s emphasis on form and core building.
    The importance of Crossfit’s emphasis on core strength can not be over stated. I see many patients in my Chiropractic practice who neglect building up the area around the spine. Don’t make the same mistake. I credit core strength with saving me when my leg snapped as I attempted to run the 50 meter dash with a refrigerator strapped to my back in the world’s strongest man competition. It could have been my back if my core was not built up.
    One point I must add to your fitness program is the importance of good nutrition. Growing up a tending to sheep in Sicily, my mother never opened a can of anything. We ate whole natural foods. I believe this approach to food helped me stay healthy during my boxing, bodybuilding, and acting days.

    good luck with your program and happy training!


  2. adam says:

    First Clarence Bass, then Lee Haney, and now Franco? Someone’s got a good sense of humor…

    Here’s a deal too good to pass up:

    Great price, service, and band quality.

  3. aileen says:

    so i have decided that my new motto for crossfit is that..if you dont feel like youre gonna throw up, you are not working hard enough.
    HOWEVER…for me, the important thing is to just get to that point, but not actually cross it…i have absolutely no desire to toss the cookies in class. how awful. but it was a close call this tuesday…i have never felt so much post workout pain as i did after those 17minutes. holy shit…thanks? :o)

  4. Al says:

    You were not the only one ready to hurl during Tuesday’s workout. That was pain. It was awesome, but pain. I was on the verge during the last round of wall ball. Either the clown was about ot visit or I was going to have a heart attack. I made sure to follow Dave around with a bag during his last set.

  5. aileen says:

    ahhh. i can take comfort that such a fine athlete as al oerter felt as shitty as i did during that awfulness that tom calls a workout. ;o)

  6. Jen says:

    Hey CFDC. Glad to hear things are going well. I’ve been missing class. Between work and the fact that I’m on the injured list it’s just not in the cards this next week. Keep kicking ass. I hope to be back soon.