March 15, 2007
March 28, 2007

Check out my class at City Fitness



  1. Moondog Mai says:

    damn Tom…just when I get in a striking mood you post this…Looks like fun and since you’re running it I’m sure it’s going to be murder! One day I’ll have to try out a class…

  2. Tom Brose says:

    I would love to have you come out. How are the knees doing? (I worry about you, ya know?)

  3. Allen Y. says:

    Tom as the next Billy Blanks?

    heh, cool clip.

  4. Moondog Mai says:

    Knees are slowly but surely getting better…I can’t believe it’s been 4 months!!!

    Just realized that’s an advance class on Friday!!! How are your Monday classes like?