March 29, 2007
April 3, 2007

Nasty workout today. Great to see everyone pushing themselves hard, while we scaled the workout to appropriate levels for new students.

Thanks to Jerry Hill for coming out to work on powerlifting technique with Russ and I before class.



  1. Chris says:

    Joe and I couldn’t make it, but thanks for writing the workout out for us. We did it at John Q. park in Geotown. The overhead DB walking lunges were hurting me.

  2. John Frazer says:

    Sorry I missed it–won’t be able to make the next couple weeks either, can you post details?

  3. F2 says:

    Details are as follows: Lots of work – sustained effort – maximum pain

  4. Tom Brose says:

    John, I will try to keep up to date on the workouts, but basically its what F2 said. When is Jane coming to workout?

  5. Jerry Hill says:

    another Sunday of Suffering at CFDC…
    way to bring the pain!

  6. Brian says:

    It is now D+3 and my legs are still hurting, I limp down steps..Did angie today anyway, but will not post my time for fear of gaffaws.


  7. Mike says:

    I’m measuring progress by how little pain I feel 2 days from the WOD. It’s getting better.

    Suffering during the WOD is pretty much a given. And suffer I did. Overhead walking lunges… {shiver}

  8. sunsail says:

    Have you guys seen ‘The 300’? I don’t know how much of it was reatouched or not, but the men were soooo yummy… Apaprently, here is the workout they did: