April 17, 2007
April 26, 2007

i just got back from the CrossFit certification in Michigan. I met a lot of great people and saw some old friends. In the mean time, Jen stepped up to lead the CFDC workout, and she came up with a fun game called “the Grab bag of Pain” That must have been nice.

During lunch today I got in a workout with Annn Arbor trainer Jen Cornell and a few volunteers. We did a quick 21-15-9 of knees to elbows, box jumps, and Overhead squats (I used 95lbs)



  1. Anonymous says:

    Jen did an awesome job yesterday! n thnx 2 Jerry 4 helpin out too. where the hell was Russ? nice 2 wkout outdoors, luckily there were a coupla guys with a hose to spray us on the way back up the hill from mass ave! i think we may have freaked out some mom with their tykes at the playground….

  2. Jerry says:

    “we may have?”

    you’re a beast Steve, way to bring it!

    Jen had a killer workout; that Hill spint was the best i’ve seen in years…

  3. Moondog Mai says:

    Jen + Jerry definitely did an awesome job yesterday! But damn, Steve was awesome for doing that hill run how many times?? 5 times??? I barely survived it the third time around!

  4. falconfive says:

    Russ was at Church.

    I got a 245 front squat and a 395 lb. deadlift today.

  5. Jen says:

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  6. Jen says:

    It was a fun CFDC for sure. Everyone did awesome and walked away feeling like they could not take one more step…I love that!

    Steve your the shit dude! You never get discouraged, your eyes never say this is to much..you just do it and do it strong!

    Jerry thanks for the support and encouragement you and Tom are two of the most encouraging people I know!

    8:57 PM

  7. reggie says:

    Mad props to Jen and Jerry (thanks for the push…I needed it). I have to agree that Steve (“tubaSteve”) brought it on Sunday (I can only aspire to such heights).

  8. Chris says:

    couldn’t make it on Sunday but the workouts are certainly making a positive impact. Joe and I made a trip out to Harpers Ferry, WV for the mountain run and we both shattered our course records. I will place the credit to that to all of the lunges, squats and core stuff in class. While, I was beyond tired, I felt strong in the midsection the whole time and was able to keep good form. I will place credit to that to the class workouts

    28 min. of non stop running uphill.

  9. Mike says:

    The baseball season just started so I’ll only see you guys on rain-out Sundays.

    Take Russ’ O-lift class, you weenies. Get some!