April 22, 2007
April 30, 2007

Well, 30 muscle ups wan’t in the cards for today. 120 pullups ad dips wasn’t soundin so great either sfter grappling, so I worked on MU technique. Warmed up with 4x 5 Lsit pullups and Ring Dips. Then 24 jumping muscle ups, raising the rings every 3 reps. Followed with 6 sets of 3 weighted Pullups and ring Dips (25 lbs). Finished with 40+ kipping pulups, broken a few times.



  1. adam says:

    With a cameo in the “Intensity” video a while back and the recent pic on the Afilliate Blog, Tom is becoming quite the rockstar trainer himself… way to go man! His dedication to his clients’ success and generally promoting CrossFit in the DC area do not go unappreciated, I’m sure of that.

    Many thanks Tom, on behalf of myself and everyone else you train.

  2. guy n. cognito says:

    where do you grapple?

  3. Tom Brose says:

    Thanks Adam. I’m lucky, I love what I do, and have inspiring people all around me.

    “guy” I’m learning BJJ from a friend of mine who is a student of renzo gracie, we are training at City Fitness.