May 2, 2007
May 13, 2007

When you have a dedicated group of CrossFitters, it gets to be pretty fun to put together workouts. Todays crew was up for the challenge, and got a nasty Sunday wakeup. Usually I like to keep the whiteboard out of site, but I knew todays wouldn’t look to bad. 10 exercises, not more than 10 reps at a time. But, theres always a catch- todays workout was an “exponential” circuit. So instead of going through all the exercisesstraight through, after each set they started back at the begining, going one set farther. So it went:

10 PVC OHS/ 5 Burpees then
10 OHS/ 5 Burpees/ 10 swings then
10 OHS/ 5 Burpees/ 10 Swings/10 Pushups
adding one exercise until the last round, consisting of:
10 OHS
5 Burpees
10 Swings
10 Pushups
5 DB Snatches (each side)
10 Situps
3 Turkish Getups (each side)
10 DB Thrusters
10 Lunges (each side)

Total 499 reps

Andrea 29 min. (winner of free advice…use more weight next time!!!)
Lauris 36
Maiko 36
Paul 43
Joe 44
Hallie 46
Adrienne 47
Fred 47.005
Damien 48
John 53 (done after 10K run)
Reggie 55



  1. Moondog Mai says:

    Thanks for the workout Tom! Was a killer, especially those (hu)Manmakers! What a way to mark one year of CFDC! lol

  2. Allen Y. says:


    Just start marketing this as the 499 workout!

    Seriously though it’s awesome that you’ve got so many hardcore people coming in.

  3. John Frazer says:

    That’s just sick. Can’t wait to see you all after finals…