August 6, 2007
August 17, 2007

Today At Crossfit DC
Warm Up
PVC pipe OHS or Squats

Then we moved on to a workout from Coach Rut’s Dumbbell Moves
Ten Rounds for time
DB Deadlifts L/R
10 Push-ups

This little circuit was my idea of fun!!
Jen’s choice
Some people had KB swings, Push-ups on parallel bars
Some Box Jumps or Lunges
Others Jump to Support on Rings
Still others did
Rope Pull-ups, pull-ups, Squats, wall Ball and Slam ball
I gave things that I though would challenge each person.

It was a great Group with a guest from Crossfit Challenge Andrea…who was kicking ass! Everyone did awesome! I’ve seen so much improvement in people who come constantly it’s awesome! Constancy is the key to becoming more fit.



  1. Moondog Mai says:

    Fun class today! Thanks Jen! -=) Got a question, perhaps a silly one. Was the DB workout from Coach Rut something you found on his blog or on his DVD? I only have his first dumbbells DVD and never looked into his other two DVDs.

  2. Jen says:

    It’s from the second DVD. I’m going to get the thrid one as well. It’s simple but really great stuff.

  3. Sven H says:

    HI Jen.
    Thanks for letting me join you guys this morning. Normally I hang out at Brand X, in Ramona Ca, or CF San Diego, but it’s always great to visit other affiliates.
    Looking forward to swing by again.
    Sven H

  4. Jen says:

    Sven, Great to have you. Come back soon!

  5. Moondog Mai says:

    Thanks Jen! I may have to consider getting that in the future! 🙂

  6. John Frazer says:


    Glad I could take a couple pictures that worked out–at least I wasn’t completely useless!


    I can lend you that DVD if I ever get it back from one of my coworkers.


  7. Jen says:

    John, do you have the third DVD? I would love to take a look at that!

  8. John Frazer says:


    I’d be happy to lend you the 3rd DVD. Will bring it to class next time I come in–probably a couple weeks.


  9. John Frazer says:

    Jen and Mai–

    I tracked down Coach Rut’s videos and stuck them in my gym bag. Remind me next time I make it to class!


  10. Moondog Mai says:

    John you’re awesome!! Thanks!! =D