August 20, 2007
August 26, 2007

The Crossfit DC Crew came and put-out today!
Warm up
Slam ball team work.
Two people one ball 20 seconds person One 20 seconds person 2 four rounds.
Same thing only 30 seconds P1 30 seconds P2 four rounds.

Move on now to the workout….

Front Squats
Hang power cleans
Some people used the Oly bars some DB’s others went heavy and paid the price! Then they got some rest and water to prepare for the next round.

Again some people used the bar some used DB’s and some went heavy!

Next week Tom your fearless leader in Chaos will return. I hope you’re ready for some real pain!!!

Things to look for in the future. Fight gone bad fundraiser. Also, not next week but the week after I will start to take money for the Hoodies. It seem that the men want pull overs and the women want front zips. Which I’m sure I can work out.


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