August 30, 2007
September 8, 2007

This is the start of our CROSSFIT DC FBG TEAM! WE WANT YOU!! Go to the link on the right and join our team today!

Man and Women will die for points! Fight Gone Crazy Jen Bad!

“Just remember this: No one ever won the olive wreath with an impressive training diary.”
Marty Liquori

1 round, 1 minute per station:
KB Swings
Sumo Deadlift High-pulls
Push Press
Hang Power Cleans
Renegade Rows

Rest for 1 minute
Run 400meters to court

Outdoors bodyweight work:
1 round, 1 minute per station:
box jumps
Run 400meters back to Gym

1 round, 1 minute per station: Each person was given 3 of the below to do for the last round. I would pick things that suited each persons needs!

Wall ball
KB Swings
Sumo Deadlift High-Pull
Box jumps Or Tuck Jumps
Push Press

In the End It was All a Blur!!!

“Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.”



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