September 2, 2007
September 11, 2007

Why do you come to Crossfit DC?

What brings you to Crossfit DC each week?
What were you looking for when you found it?
Has CFDC been what you thought it would be? Are we meeting your needs?
Do you have goals that we should know about? What can we do to make CFDC better?

Tom and I consider you to be very important. We have dreams of seeing CFDC growing and becoming stronger. If you have any thoughts about the above questions let us hear them. We would really appreciate your feedback.
Remember Fight Gone Bad is right around the corner. Get on the team today! It’s a Great cause and a fun Competition!



  1. Adrienne says:

    Are ya’ll training Saturday’s? What time?? I’d love to pop in? Are Tuesday classes back on?

  2. Moondog Mai says:

    hmm…not sure if you want answers via blog comments (if at all), but here you go!

    1. What brings you to CFDC each week?

    -it’s fun in a twisted sort of way and I don’t get to meet people with that mentality often! The challenge and noticeable progress I make also keeps me coming.

    2. What were you looking for when you found it?

    -something to help me get better in Krav Maga first, then something to help me get stronger period.

    3. Are we meeting your needs?

    -Oh hell yes. I now have this reputation of never being tired in Krav. While I’m not the strongest person in the area I’m definitely getting stronger and people notice this. So both goals are being taken cared of nicely!

    4. What can we do to make CFDC better?

    GET YOUR OWN FACILITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Other then that, I wish we did a little more skill work regularly. I don’t get a chance to work on oly lifts or other exercises often…it would be nice even if it were 10mins of class time.

  3. John Frazer says:

    I second Mai’s comments about more skill training. A lot of us can only come in once a week (at most) so the opportunity for focused coaching on O-lifts, handstands, ab exercises, etc. would be great.

    CF tells you about how important it is to have all these skills but they’re never in the WODs.

  4. Jen says:

    Good point John. Tom is working on that. It’s hard when you only meet once a week. People come in looking for that Metabolic conditioning workout. I did offer a 9am skill session while Tom was out but no one came.

  5. John Frazer says:

    It’s easy enough to warm up with skill work — e.g. moving several times through Burgener’s snatch assistance exercises would have more long term benefit than banging out a few squats, pushups, burpees and calling it good.

    I’d suggest some simple calisthenics to warm up, 10-15 minutes of skill training to warm up more, then the “main event.” Follow, perhaps, with ab work and stretching. We’ve done it that way before and it worked fine — maybe the main WOD is 15 minutes for max rounds instead of 20 but that’s fine.

    Here’s an analogy. I took a pistol shooting class this weekend. Anyone can go to a shooting range and blast away and not learn much.

    In the class, though, we did drills that focused on specific skills and gradually putting them together into the “integrated act of firing.” We also got handouts with specific drills we can do, so next time we’re at the range we’re training, not just blasting.

    We still got to shoot a lot, so we got a “workout” in that respect, but the long-term benefit was greater.

  6. Moondog Mai says:

    I did try to show up early that one time but the Metro Center decided to keep me hostage long enough for me to catch my normal train to Dupont Circle…ugh!

    I definitely agree with John (good analogy!), but Jen has a point. If it’s only the two of us, for example, who are interested in more skill work then instead of doing it in class it may be best to just hang around afterwards for that. Even the 10-15 mins before class would work if it’s just a handful of people I’d think… I don’t know the best way to have a skills session without impeding on CFDC torture time…I’ll leave this all up to Jen and Tom! =)

    On a related note, I actually have an hour or so to spare after Sunday class from now until mid December — Would it be alright to do an occasional skill session after class?? I’d pay! Like an extra $5 so I can just give Tom my $20 and not worry about whether he has a $5 or not…hehe

  7. Moondog Mai says:

    Oh yeah…what in the world are we doing in the last pic?? Burpees? Looks like we’re trying to fly but are failing miserably!!

  8. John Frazer says:


    I think my point is that everyone needs the skill work — where better to get it than with CF-trained trainers? In a 60-90 minute class we can surely spare the time, and people can thrash themselves a little extra on their own.

  9. John Frazer says:

    P.S. I think those are pushups. I can tell because I’m gasping on my knees; if they were burpees I’d be gasping on my feet.

  10. Moondog Mai says:

    Oh no no, I definitely know you meant everyone could use instruction especially with the time we have for class. I guess my default thinking is if there’s no significant demand then there’s no real reason to supply. Now that I think about it, the benefits of skill work outweigh whatever inconvenience a hard-core Metacon may feel, if any at all. Injury prevention, new exercises to effectively incorporate into the heavy Metacon workouts, etc…Plus, like you said there was a time when we did do a little skill work before the main workout. I even found a small video I shot of Tom going over the clean. Anyway, there was no complaints that I was aware of back then…at least none that I was aware of.

    Ok I need to end this and get ready for work! Apologies for ranting or over-analyzing or missing the point completely!