September 16, 2007
September 22, 2007

Tuesdays warmup “Jeremy”
PVC Overhead Squats

Steve 2:19
Kyle 4:20
Brian 4:30
Fred 4:39
Pat 4:50
John 5:10

Kayle and Winona did a modified 15-12-9 airsquat and burpee version for their first class.

After working with Jerry Hill of CrossFit Challenge this last Saturday, I was motivated to work the Hang Squat Clean. This movement is very powerful, and if done correctly really makes the athlete extend then pull down into the squat. At the workshop with Jerry, we taught to a variety of ability levels, and they all did a good job. With that in mind, I was sure that our class would get the job done. After technique work, we reviewed the perfect pushup, then teamed up for the WOD of:

Hang Squat Clean
Perfect Pushups

Fred/Brian 11:12 95 Lbs
Steve/Kyle 11:22 95 Lbs
Kayle/Winona 13:00 18 Lbs
Reggie/John/Pat 18:15 80 Lbs



  1. Jen says:

    Sunday at 9am we will have a started class for 45 mins. The Drop in fee is $15. Drop me a line and let me know your coming.