September 23, 2007
September 26, 2007

Crossfit DC’s Elements or Intro Class:
Starting Sunday the 7th of October we will have an Elements class at 9am. This class is help people learn the basics of Crossfit. You will work hard! You will also learn so much that when you make it to the 10am class your going to kick butt. I will gear this class to all levels. As Crossift DC has grown it has become apparent to Tom and I the need for some foundation. At times we have so many people in class that new people don’t get the attention they need. Form is so important to us! So please encourage anyone who is new to Crossfit to come get some basics down.
The cost is $15.00 per class. I will let you know personally if you need another class or not. Even if you’ve been coming for a while and feel you need to work on some skills this would be a great opportunity. This month it will be offered on Sunday the 7th of October and the 21 of October. More dates will follow.


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